Review: Fish Tag Brunch

Arriving at a humble-looking restaurant front in the Upper West End in New York City, we entered Fish Tag from the bar reception, through a corridor, and into a ceiling-lit dinning space. The dining area felt like a hide-away from the rest of the city. With only 4 other tables and 2 waiters on the floor, the clean, cozy atmosphere accompanied by soft jazzy background music promised a wonderful brunch experience in good company.


Fish Tag is a restaurant by Chef Michael Psilakis offering a Mediterranean-inspired seafood twist to common brunch menu items. The deal of the day seemed to be the $18 brunch prix fix that included fresh coffee or tea, a brunch drink (mimosa, bloody mary, bitter sweet, hair of the dogfish), and any brunch entre. Fresh hot coffee in the morning is always a welcomed pleasure. In addition, I chose to have glass of fresh mimosa and the Smoked Trout Hash, which included a fried egg and mustard seed hollandaise sauce.

The Smoked Trout Hash was a well-crafted dish composed of soft, savory, melt-in-your-mouth smoked trout; firm, snappy sautéed mince of peppers, carrots, and onions; and crispy, deep-fried cuts of potato hashes. Finally two lightly fried eggs were layered on top garnished with spring onions and dripped with delicious mustard seed hollandaise sauce.

20130413_125359           20130413_125801

The Smoked Trout Hash offered a good mixture of textures in each bite. The minced vegetables provided hearty, soft flavors to support the more salty flavors of the smoked trout and fried potato hashes. The fried eggs with a runny yolk and the hollandaise sauce further enhanced the flavors of the dish all together.

The beautifully presented brunch was delicious. Although the service quality had some weaknesses, I would definitely come to Fish Tag again.