Roy Moore Fish Shack Restaurant @ Rockport, MA; No Need To Go All The Way To Maine For Fresh Caught Lobster

The best lobster and shellfish I’ve had is in Portland, Maine, 108 miles away from Boston. However, for less than half that distance of 43 miles, Rockport, MA offers amazing local caught seafood that doesn’t pale in comparison. Among the seafood markets in Rockport, Roy Moore Lobster located on the Rockport Harbor is one of the more notable seafood-market-turned-restaurants that is really impressive.

There are two ways to enjoy fresh lobster from Roy Moore Lobster: on benches at the back deck of the actual Roy Moore Lobster market where the fishermen/lobstermen do their thing, and at their Roy Moore Fish Shack Restaurant, where they source their seafood from the market into a cute diner restaurant setting. Since the weather was incredibly chilly on the pier, we made the wise choice of visiting the well-insulated Lobster Shack.

Roy Moore Fish Shack - Dining Floor

Dining Floor – The dining floor is spacious and warm with a good view of the harbor along the windows

The menu has a large selection of diner type food. They have salads, fries, sandwiches, pastas, hot dogs and grilled chicken. Really, I don’t understand why they are offering anything other than seafood, because I wouldn’t come to a seafood shack for anything other than seafood. That would just seem silly.

Roy Moore Fish Shack - Menu

Menu – The menu has a large selection of diner type food. From fries and grilled chicken to pasta and salads. However, I wouldn’t go to a seafood shack and choose anything other than seafood – in this case, lobster.

The choices we made for this trip was obvious. We started with a shared plate of fried clams to start out. The clams were fresh and delicious. The simple claims were covered and fried in a very light, airy batter that really lets the clammy taste come through.

Roy Moore Fish Shack - Fried Clams Appetizer

Fried Clams – Fresh clams were covered and fried in a light, crispy batter

Among the entrees, we tried two different types of lobster dishes and a salmon dish for diversity. The lobster roll was a mandatory dish to try. There are a lot of opinions around what a lobster roll should be: Connecticut, New England, Maine styles or pure, butter, butter plus slaw/mayo, etc. However, I personally believe that for fresh lobster, the best way to eat it is with only a little bit of butter, and then let the natural fresh lobster taste do the rest of the job. The 4 oz lobster roll at Roy Moore Fish Shack pretty much does that and I couldn’t be happier.

Roy Moore Fish Shack - Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll – Simple lobster roll with a side of mayo in case you are so inclined to make it Maine style with the dressing. Overall, the 4 oz lobster meat was fresh and delicious as is without too much of the works. Butter and a little bit of greens keeps this New England-style lobster roll true. The lobster roll also comes with fries.  and a pickle.

As an alternative way to eat lobster, we also ordered the Lazy Lobster Casserole. This casserole of 4 oz fresh lobster meat topped with a topping of crispy ritz cracker crumbs and butter was a nice creation that keeps the fresh, fragrant taste of the lobster + butter, with just a bit of seasoning and crisp from the crushed ritz cracker crumbs. This was a good hot dish. Particularly because the lobster was tender and juicy; the casserole really showcased the fresh catch of Rockport lobster being almost comparable to harbor-side Maine lobster.

Roy Moore Fish Shack - Lazy Lobster Cassrolle

Lazy Lobster Casserolle – 4 oz of fresh lobster meat baked with a topping of ritz cracker crumbs and butter. The dish includes sides of green beans and buttery butternut squash.

Finally, the other dish we tried was the grilled salmon topped with dill and butter. As a dish that diverged from the shellfish and lobster which the Roy Moore Fish Shack is known for, it comes to no surprise that the grilled salmon was okay, but not spectacular. One thing to note though, was that the butternut squash was amazing; it was buttery, creamy, and fragrant in all of the right ways. It was definitely a good and notable side dish.

Roy Moore Fish Shack - Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon – Grilled Salmon with dill butter topping and sides of rice pilaf and butternut squash.

Overall, the Roy Moore Fish Shack Restaurant does a good job at representing solid Rockport lobster. Although I’m sure there are other good seafood options on the wharf, this place definitely does not disappoint. However, please note that while there can be high expectations for the lobster and shellfish here since these are freshly caught in Rockport, I wouldn’t have too much expectation or judge this place by their other diner offerings like salad, sandwiches, and pastas.



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